“Our mind has incredibly creative potential and most of the time it is wasted”

Hello, I am Clara Viguer, a creative coach, as well as a professional designer and artist for more than 15 years.

When I was very little, I remember making little clay balls in the nursery yard that I let dry in the sun and brought every afternoon as a gift to my parents.

So far so good.

That girl grew up, and I have to confess that she was extremely bored in school classes. Unfortunately there were no subjects that included creativity when I was studying. And yes, well, that of studying is a way of speaking, you understand me.

It wasn’t until one day when I was enrolled in a clay modeling course at the age of 9, that I again felt the pleasure of creating something with my own hands.

That extra school class changed my life forever.

I did my higher studies in textile and fashion design at EASD Valencia and I graduated from Central Saint Martins, London.

After several years working as a designer in various companies in Europe, I decided to go and discover new ways of creating and designing that focused on a more human, artisanal and environmentally friendly work.

I visited women’s associations in Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand and Nepal and worked as a designer in different NGOs and in an EU project in Guinea Bissau, Africa, experiences that profoundly transformed me where I learned a lot about the customs and creative skills of others. places of the world.

Thanks to this, I was able to share my experience as a project teacher for the sustainable fashion / textile design master’s degree at the Valencia School of Art and Design and at other design universities.

On this journey I realized that not only could I create objects, I could also create my own reality.


Yes I realized that all human beings have creative capacities. Many times they are asleep because they have not been stimulated at school, although we can wake them up to create, not only objects, but also to influence our own reality.

Our mind has incredibly creative potential and most of the time it is wasted.

In addition to all this, throughout my life path I have observed in other people, as well as in myself, how many glass ceilings we women and artists still support.

This is why I decided to train in parallel in different areas of personal development such as life coahing, women’s empowerment, art therapy, belief reprogramming, energy dance and neuro-linguistic programming, among others.

In this way, creative coaching was born, with which I help empower other people and awaken their creative abilities, overcome their unconscious internal blocks and activate their personal power so that they can project their best potential in a conscious way.